Tuesday, April 28, 2009
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Sunday, March 15, 2009
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Monday, March 09, 2009
Contest at BloggerTricks.com

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Saturday, November 01, 2008
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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Vanness' upcoming movie 'Dragon Squad' Unofficial Website


I had recently 'stumbled' across an unofficial website on Vanness'
upcoming yet-to-shoot movie 'Dragon Squad' in the internet!

There are some basic information related to the movie like the cast
list, other crews' list involved in this project, the movie's
companies information, filming locations, biographies of each movie
cast and crew.

But, everything in there are still quite simple at the
moment...however, THE interesting part is, there is a MESSAGE BOARD
at the site where you can leave messages there related to this
movie!  You will just have to register with the site and you can
start leaving messages there to support Vanness, Director Daniel Lee
and the rest of the movie crews!

I had already started a topic at the message board!  So keep it

I believed that there will more regular updates on the movie
periodically as the shooting proceeds, therefore, please go and
visit the site!  Cheers!

ps. however, there is one flaw...the information on Vanness'
biography has several mistakes

Here is the link,


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Millions of portraits welcome guests at F4 Tokyo exhibition


Posted: March 11, 2005

For the "F4 World Exhibition" tomorrow in Tokyo, the hosting unit
spent 1 million Yen. An artist was hired to do a huge oil painting of
F4. Although the exhibition hasn't started yet, the huge portrait has
become the place to worship F4.

F4 became popular in Japan because of "Meteor Garden". The 18-
day "Meteor Garden F4 World Exhibition" will start tomorrow at Tokyo
Se Gu Parco Museum. Over 100,000 people are expected to go. The
hosting unit especially used F4's huge oil painting as the focal for
publicizing. Just the painting took a month to complete and cost over
1 million Yen (about HKD$70,000).

The manufacturing unit first invited a professional to draw a
portrait of F4 and then painted it. Many F4 fans especially went to
admire it and slogans were also written on the posters "F4, wild and
loved by everyone, is finally coming!" Posters are everywhere, even
elevators of malls have F4 posters.

Because F4's dramas, "Meteor Garden," "Poor Prince," "Love Scar," and
others, are going to be shown in Japan successively and their
album "Can't Lose You" will be releasing on March 24th. In F4, ZZ is
first to go to Japan to promote. Next will be Jerry Yan and the
exhibition will release the Japanese version of Jerry's pictorial. A
buying upsurge is expected.

ZZ and Da S are in Tokyo promoting "Meteor Garden" and "Mars" and
have received big star treatment. After they just landed a few days
ago they accepted a series of TV and magazine interviews. The media
even went into ZZ's room and saw that there were 20 sets of clothing

"Sheng Tang Jiao Fu"'s designer Yi Teng Da also designed for ZZ. As
for Da S, her professional designer also designed for her, including
5 spring outfits and name brand shoes.

Yesterday night ZZ and Da S indeed dressed up to attend a press
conference. Because this is the two's first time to promote in Japan
plus the fact that they have become the local new favorites, they
attracted over 100 reporters, a situation unprecendented. Even
outside were hundreds of fans. One can see how popular they are.

Source: Sing Tao

Translated by Amy

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Park Eun-Hye and F4 member to act in HK drama

Posted: March 12, 2005

Korean drama "Da Cheng Jin" has been hot all over Asia, helping Park
Eun-Hye rise to fame. In the beginning of March a HK manufacturing
company took a special trip to Korea to invite Park Eun-Hye to film
in a drama. They also would like to have a member of F4 to act in
this drama too. The drama will be show in HK, Taiwan and other Asian

According to what's known, Park Eun-Hye has already accepted this HK
drama production and will be going to HK and Taiwan to film scenes.
This drama is adapted from a Japanese manga "Xiang Ju Yi Ke" (The
Moment Of Together a.k.a Maison Ikkoku) and an F4 member will be
chosen to be the male lead.

Source: Dong Fang Ri Bao

only translated F4 related parts

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever and rukai of onlyvanness forum

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ZaiZai¡¯s designer brand ¡°Bridegroom¡± Show


He never buys designer clothes, but in order for him to break into
Japan, he got to wear lots of name brands for the very first time,
being fussed over by the designer until he was covered in sweat all
over and felt dizzy in the head, declares frankly that it seemed like
he ¡°was getting married¡±!

ZaiZai Zhou Yu Min, who has only gone shopping and bought a few
clothes for himself only twice in the past, accepted more than a
hundred interviews from the media in Japan with all the grace of a
seasoned general in battle and even had close encounters with
Japanese girls. Dressed all in designer clothes, he was charming and
stunning, as different from the usually easy-going ZaiZai in the past
as heaven from earth.

Shows class and elegance, very unaccustomed to it
This reporter accompanied ZaiZai for this interview on his trip to
Tokyo. Seeing the upper-class look the stylists tailor-made for him,
mixing and matching 4 different outfits, ZaiZai was enjoying in the
midst of it. He said: ¡°I don¡¯t have any opinions, respect the

One of them was a very formal-looking suit. When the stylist was
tying a hand-woven Japanese silk tie on him, ZaiZai got so ¡°tied-
up¡± he broke out in a sweat. He changed his clothes, looking
irresistibly handsome. ZaiZai, who is euphorically in love, feels
that he¡¯s a bridegroom about to walk the red carpet, joking that, ¡°
This is so unfamiliar to me, I feel like I¡¯m getting married!¡±
Turns out this is the first time he wore a formal suit complete with
tie in a public occasion.

One can see that ZaiZai is obviously in a very good mood. He¡¯s got a
serious cold and his schedule for interviews is too fully packed he
doesn¡¯t even have the time to eat. But he was all smiles
nonetheless, answering every question promptly, and would even often
tease Da S and speak about matters about him and F3 with humour.

Where before he seemed an idol who¡¯s always kept under wraps and
isolated, he is now carefree yet composed, talking and laughing
happily. In a span of four years, ZaiZai has gone from the country
boy from Yilan, to the Taiwan idol most qualified to challenge Takuya

Shows self-confidence, character over gold accessories
In the NT$50,000/day suite of the 5-star Westin Hotel Tokyo located
in the Yebisu Garden Place, ZaiZai was having his hair done while
Itoh Masaru (stylist of 'The Gospellers' and other popular groups)
adjusts his outfit - dark blue suit jacket with a shiny, velvety feel
to it, full of class and elegance. Faced with the reporters, he is
steady and self-assured, like a superstar who has fought many battles.

When he was just starting out, all questions must be asked and
answered through his manager. But now he takes on everything volleyed
at him himself, every difficult question he answers easily with his
own wisdom. When the topic turned to name brands, he said: ¡°If I
wear jewelry or watches I will lose it, and I often lose it, so I
can¡¯t buy expensive name brands. A Thai fan once gave me a thick,
gold necklace, but I¡¯ve never worn it because I always fear that
I¡¯ll lose it, and also it¡¯s too ostentatious.

ZaiZai wears a Cartier ring on the middle finger of his left hand,
the style simple yet elegant. He said: ¡°I used to wear a pinkie ring
before, for protection against people who might want to do me harm, I
wore it until I lost it in the end.¡± The reporters joked that he
probably wore the pinkie ring until ¡°all his friends were gone¡±, to
which he bantered, ¡°Then it¡¯s good that I lost it.¡± Despite
hearing from everyone that there 2 kinds of pinkie ring, gold and
silver, and that the effect is vastly different. Gold can cause
financial losses, while silver attracts wealth, he still insists ¡°I
only wear this Cartier ring for the moment, and I don¡¯t want to take
it off.¡± Shortly after, Da S blurted out that, ¡°ZaiZai is copying
me lah¡±, she has an identical Cartier ring on her finger as her
boyfriend Lan Zheng Long (Blue) as a love token.

Shows good values, doesn¡¯t have a nightlife
Before, putting make-up on ZaiZai starts from below the forehead,
because his forehead is covered by bangs, it certainly doesn¡¯t need
it. And now? He said that: "I was really afraid of make-up, now I
don¡¯t insist what part they can¡¯t put it. I don¡¯t even like going
out usually. When I¡¯m not working or when I don¡¯t have classes, I
always just stay at home.¡± Lately, ZaiZai is into cooking. He¡¯d
cook dishes according to recipe books, and he¡¯s most satisfied with
his Japanese-style curry fried pork chop. Of course, there has to be
someone who encourages and supports him, to make him do it more

In reality, ZaiZai has a personality that¡¯s very low-key. He still
lives simply even after becoming famous. You won¡¯t see him in
nightclubs, and it won¡¯t be likely that the paparazzi will be able
to take pictures of him taking his girlfriend out to a movie, because
he doesn¡¯t go cinemas. Even get-togethers with F3 are often
cancelled because he always muddle up the dates. Vanness would often
scold him: ¡°ZaiZai, what is it with you! You¡¯re always mixing up
dates and days of the week!¡± Recently, Japanese girls are all
falling in love with him, but ZaiZai innermost feelings wasn¡¯t
really inundated with a rush of excitement. He has experienced too
many over-zealous fans who chase after celebrities. ¡°I¡¯m not
nervous, and I¡¯m not specially excited. I¡¯m just somewhat annoyed
that, had I learned to play the guitar better, then I could now sing
and play for all of you.¡±

Pure of heart, with looks straight out of a comic book¡this, then, is
ZaiZai. "Meteor Garden" changed his destiny, but it didn¡¯t change
the purity and sincerity of his mind.


¡¾2005/03/16 United Daily News/ Lian He Bao¡¿

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

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Japanese girls love ZaiZai and Da S’s comic character looks


ZaiZai, Da S, or Ella " who is Taiwan’s number one comic book
character look-alike? “Taiwan idol dramas are so great! How did they
find actors that resembles the comic characters so much?� Japanese
girls are into Taiwan idols, and these Taiwan hunks and beauties who
seem to be peas from the same pods as the original comic book have
become Japan’s most “IN� (hottest) idol topic even in the face of
strong resistance.

In “Meteor Garden� who among F4 looks most like a comic book
character? According to our reporter who conducted a survey among
fans in the streets of Shibuya, the common consensus is that “ZaiZai
looks most alike�, the extent of similarity reached as high as 100%.
Second is Jerry Yan, with a similarity of 70%. And Da S is “very
similar, very kawaii.� Similarity of 80%.

At present, Taiwan idol dramas adapted from Japanese manga that have
already been released in Japan include "The Rose", "Come to my
Place", “Peach Girl�, “Hi, Office Lady� and "Marmalade Boy�" The
similarity of Ella and her character in “The Rose� is also deemed to
be 75%. It has attracted much attention, and a few Japanese fans are
already amassing.

Japanese TV has filmed several versions of “Meteor Garden�, but most
of them failed in the box office and word-of-mouth. Xie Jia Ling, a
doctoral candidate of the Tokyo Foreign Language & Regional Culture
Research Institute in Japan, indicated that: “Meteor Garden� (the
manga) sold over 30,000,000 sets in Japan, so the average Japanese’
impression on F4 (the characters) are too deep, they feel the
Japanese actors don’t look enough like the characters, their acting
is not good enough, and the audience doesn’t like it. But
Taiwan’s "Meteor Garden" looked so much like the comic book
characters, it was like a refreshing new musical piece, striking
deeply into the hearts of the Japanese people.

In the past, foreign actors must be adept at speaking fluent Japanese
to be able to break into the Japanese market. But ever since
the ‘Korean wave’ invaded Japan, it didn’t matter if a foreign actor
couldn’t learn the Japanese language in time. As long as the drama is
successful and the actors good-looking, they will certainly become
popular. Especially Taiwan idol dramas, most of which are adapted
from Japanese manga, as long as they look enough like the characters
in the comic books, then penetrating Japan will be doubly easier.
ZaiZai and Da S has already proved that “comic book look invades
Japan, is the IN thing of the moment�.

�2005/03/16 United Daily News/ Lian He Bao`

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

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The F4 Exhibit gathered more than 20,000 attendees, a success!


Source : Singtao, March 14, 2005
Translated by Pretty Wu

From the start of the F4 exhibit to date, Meteor Garden F4 World
Exhibit has launched in Tokyo. For 3 consecutive days, it already
nearly 20,000 people/attendees. Reporters noticed that Meteor Garden
is still the major hoopla in the said exhibition.
Included in the exhibit were cherished clothes of F4 which attracted
people because the said get ups were very rare!

The F4 Exhibit regarding Meteor Garden will take place for 18 long
days which started its main point at the 7/F of Parco
Museum. The long queue of the fans serve as the evidence and proof
that meteor Garden still has the IT! Many followers of the group
and the said series has to sacrifice queueing for long hours just to
be able to get in!

Aside from Meteor Garden, Zaizai's Mars was also present in that
exhibit, as well as other F4's Series like Jerry Yan's Magic Kitchen,
Ken Zhu's Sky of Love huge posters! Included in the highlight was
F4's concert both in Hongkong and Taiwan, shown on TV screen as part
of the
exhibit for the benefit of those who failed to watch them live on
those concerts. The usual merchandise present at the exhibit are
shirts, albums, posters etc...

Among the 4 members of F4, Vic Chou, known as Zaizai was the first to
see the exhibit before it was opened to the public.

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